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Get a magnificent manicure

With a professional manicure from Hats Off a Vous Salon, you’ll be proud to put your hands on display. Our skilled technicians will get your nails looking their best while ensuring you have a relaxing experience in our salon.

Pamper yourself with a pedicure

Whether your job has you on your feet all day or you want to spruce up for a special event, Hats Off a Vous Salon offers several indulgent pedicure treatments that will get your tootsies in tiptop shape.

Your friendly, neighborhood salon

Consistency and comfort is what you'll experience at Hats Off a Vous Salon. Our team will always be there to greet you and make you comfortable. Visit us today at 2031 Miller Road, East Petersburg, PA 17520.

Try our shellac nail polish

If you have natural nails, consider trying our shellac nail polish services. Shellac polis is resistant to water and can stand up to daily wear and tear. You’ll be impressed with how it is able to retain its luster and shine for up to 2 weeks.

Nail care price list

"Hats Off A Vous never falls short of exceeding my requests. They are friendly, confident and I always leave feeling better with a job well done."

- Susan

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Nails shaped, cuticles groomed, soak, massage and polish!

Shellac Manicure


Spa Manicure


Our marvelous manicure with a hand mask and a Paraffin Treatment!

Full Set of Tips

$47.00 - $52.00



Back Fills


Polish Change


Removal of Acrylic nails


Temporary tips




Paraffin Treatment




Toe nails shaped, cuticles groomed, soak, exfoliate, massage and polish!

Spa Pedicure


Our pampering pedicure, with a foot mask and hot towel wrap.

Shellac Pedicure


Toe polish Change


Toes nails shaped, cuticles groomed, soak and a polish change.

We highly recommend you fill your artificial nails on a bi-weekly basis. Therefore, please take into consideration that all prices are subject to change based on the condition of client’s nails.

Affordable nail care services


Shellac Polished Nails


Introductory Price

$29.00 only